Product Spotlight: 3388ET System

Product Spotlight: 3388ET Inspection System

Essential to infrastructure maintenance, efficiency, and accuracy is key. To cater to these needs, the 3388ET model emerges as a versatile and reliable inspection system. With an array of features that redefine the landscape of inspection technology, this model stands as a testament to advancement and practicality.

3388ET Forbest Pipeline Sewer Inspection System Metal Frame Design

Frame & Design

At the core of the 3388ET model lies its heavy-duty metal frame design and reel, a robust foundation that guarantees durability, longevity, and portability. This crucial component serves as the anchor for the entire system, facilitating smooth and reliable transport during inspections. Its unique design ensures that the multifunctional control station is securely affixed on top, granting operators easy access to controls and information while maintaining convenience.


3388ET Forbest sewer pipe inspection wheel wheels Mobility


A standout feature of this inspection system is its platform's rotational movement capability. This innovation allows inspectors to navigate pipelines and conduits with remarkable ease, even in the most challenging environments. This functionality is complemented by the inclusion of large rubber wheels, enabling effortless transport across various terrains. The result is an inspection system that can swiftly adapt to the demands of different work settings, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing operational strain.

multifunctional control station

Multifunctional Control Station 

The 3388ET model relies on a multifunctional control station. This system’s intuitive interface empowers inspectors with an arsenal of capabilities aimed at delivering comprehensive and accurate inspection results. The full push-type keyboard, a focal point of the control station, facilitates efficient note-taking and data entry. Furthermore, the station's voiceover capabilities serve to enrich inspection data by capturing valuable audio information during reporting.

C40 camera 40mm 2 inch camera for diagnostic inspection pipe sewer pipeline

Ultimate Clarity

Visual clarity is of utmost importance in inspections, and the 3388ET model addresses this with its high-resolution camera and 10” clear LCD monitor. This high-resolution display provides vivid imagery of the inspection environment, enabling inspectors to detect even the minutest details. To combat glare and ensure optimal visibility, the model incorporates an anti-glare screen visor, a testament to its meticulous design geared toward operator comfort and performance.


High-Resolution Camera and Sonde Transmitter

A critical component of any inspection system is its imaging capabilities, and the 3388ET model excels in this aspect. The system features a 1.5” (40 mm) C40 self-leveling detachable waterproof color camera head, equipped with built-in LED lights. This camera is engineered to capture clear and detailed visuals, even in challenging conditions. Moreover, the built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter enhances the system's versatility by facilitating precise location and mapping of underground assets.


Detachable Spring Kits and Interchangeable Skids

To cater to a wide range of inspection scenarios, the 3388ET model comes equipped with detachable spring kits – XSoft, Soft, and Hard – enabling operators to adapt the system to the specific conditions they encounter. Additionally, the model offers interchangeable skids, streamlining the traversal of diverse pipelines and conduits. This adaptability underscores the model's commitment to versatility and user-friendliness.


Power and Storage

Sustained operation is guaranteed by the model's rechargeable 6600mA Li-ion battery, capable of lasting up to four hours on a single charge. This substantial battery life ensures uninterrupted inspections, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. Furthermore, the 3388ET model provides storage options via SD card and USB drive, allowing inspectors to conveniently archive and share inspection data.

The 3388ET model encompasses functionality, adaptability, and precision. With its heavy-duty metal frame reel, multifunctional control station, high-resolution camera, and a host of other essential features, this system sets a standard for industrial and infrastructure inspections. As job-sites continue to demand efficient and accurate solutions, the 3388ET model stands ready to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring a brighter and clearer vision of the unseen.