Forbest Apprentice with Depth Locator

Sale price$3,100.00 CAD


Durable, flexible, and easy to operate, the Forbest Apprentice Bundle Pairs the FB-PIC3188SDT-130 camera with the Rycom SnapTrack 512Hz Wireless hand-held Locator. The Apprentice can be used to inspect and locate in 2-4" drains with ease. Navigate and turn easily through pipelines up to 130FT. The fiber optic cable is encased in 5.2mm hard plastic. The 1" C23 waterproof camera head featuring a sapphire glass lens with multiple LED lights displays image and video on a crystal clear 7" LCD screen. System includes both, 512Hz Sonde & Transmitter with precise depth tracking for easy locating. Also includes interchangeable skids, battery, charger. Inspect, diagnose, and locate through wastewater systems, stormwater, pipelines, drains, ducts, etc.

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